Limited Scope Representation and Self-Help Assistance


Lemieux Law recognizes that many people simply cannot afford traditional, full-service legal representation and choose instead to represent themselves or turn to non-legal document assembly companies as an alternative. 

To help improve access to skilled legal services and make it more affordable, Lemieux Law provides self-help assistance in addition to more traditional, full-service representation.  Self-help assistance is accomplished through limited scope representation.

Limited scope representation is where the attorney provides certain services or tasks for the client, but does not provide the full scope of services from beginning to end of the legal matter as with full-service representation.  In other words, the client hires the attorney only to perform the particular tasks the client needs help with, and the client handles everything else.

Limited Scope Representation can include

Legal Consulting - attorney reviews your matter and provides you with legal advice while you represent yourself.

Legal Coaching - In court a self-represented person is held to the same standards as a trained and experienced attorney.   Legal coaching can help make you better prepared to represent yourself in court.  For example, coaching might include:

                   Helping you understand what to expect at a hearing or trial

                   Helping you to organize your testimony and evidence

                   Helping you to prepare exhibits to be submitted to the court

                   Reviewing documents you or others have drafted in your case.

Help with discovery.  Discovery is the process by which you obtain information and documents relevant to your case from the opposing party or from third parties, such as a spouse's financial information in a divorce.  Discovery is controlled by specific court rules.  Limited scope representation can help you determine what to ask for and how to ask for it, or how to respond when you've received discovery requests from the other party.

Helping you prepare for a settlement conference or mediation.

Reviewing settlement terms, drafting a settlement agreement or helping you respond to settlement offers

Brief writing for the court.  Briefs are written arguments with citations to statutes and legal precedents (prior cases).  In some cases they are required by the court or would be helpful to your case to file voluntarily.  If you've been asked to submit a brief, or received one from the other party and need to respond, limited scope representation can help you with brief writing while you continue to represent yourself in court.

If you are representing yourself or are considering representing yourself, contact Lemieux Law to discuss whether limited scope representation is appropriate for you and your case,