LGBT Divorce

Divorce Without Divorce Law


If a same sex relationship ends, protections available for married couples don’t apply and the couple must try to accomplish divorce without divorce law. If you have a valid Domestic Partnership Agreement it likely will control the division of assets and debts when your relationship ends.  Without an agreement there are limited legal remedies available.  Dissolving a same-sex relationship requires skilled counsel.  Even when you agree on how your separation is to be handled, you should have a written separation agreement to protect yourself from potential future claims.

If you were married in state that allows same sex couples to marry but you both live in Indiana you may not be able to get divorced in Indiana.  Indiana considers your marriage to be void and courts may not grant you a divorce, even if you  both agree. This means you will still be married in some states, but not in others.  If you are married you need an attorney experienced with LGBT family law issues to help you protect your interests.

Self-Help Assistance

Self-Help Assistance

For more information on our comprehensive LGBT family law services or to schedule an appointment contact Lemieux Law. In addition to full service representation in LGBT family matters, Lemieux Law provides limited representation/self-help assistance to clients who want to represent themselves but need some help with particular tasks.  For more information on these services, click the Self-Help Assistance photo.