Estate Administration and Probate Litigation


Following the death of a loved one the estate must be administered properly, whether through formal probate proceedings or through small estate procedures.  The law provides detailed rules and procedures for distributing a decedent's assets whether they had a last will and testament or passed away without one.  Lemieux Law provides executors/personal representatives and beneficiaries with thoughtful, compassionate and efficient guidance.  Lemieux Law helps you avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes that are not always readily apparent to administrators and heirs not accustomed to the often complex procedures and requirements of estate and trust administration.

If disputes arise over the assets of a deceased loved one, Lemieux Law has the skill and experience to advocate for your interests in will contests and trust disputes.

If you are responsible for administering an estate or are a heir or beneficiary with questions or concerns about your rights and interests, contact Lemieux Law to discuss your situation and determine the right course of action for you.