Donor Insemination


If you are considering having a child through artificial insemination with a known donor -- or if you are considering being a known donor -- you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the legal aspects of the process to protect your interests. Without a properly drafted contract, a known donor may be able to exercise parental rights against the wishes of the intended parents or he may be required to support the child through child support and education expense orders when he never intended to have any parental rights or obligations. 

Lemieux Law has the experience you need to draft an enforceable donor insemination agreement. In the first case of its kind to be decided by the Indiana Court of Appeals, Lemieux Law represented a known sperm donor who was sued to establish his paternity of, and obligation to support, children conceived as a result of his sperm donation. Sean Lemieux persuaded the Court that the written donor insemination contract was enforceable.

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In addition to full service representation, Lemieux Law provides limited representation/self-help assistance to clients who want to represent themselves in the creation of a donor insemination agreement, but would like advice and guidance about the contract or would like to have an existing donor agreement reviewed. 


Self-Help Assistance

Self-Help Assistance