Custody, Parenting Time and Support Modification 

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Court orders controlling child custody, parenting time and support can be changed in appropriate cases.   Sometimes when a family's circumstances change, custody or parenting time arrangements need to change.  Job losses or promotions may mean the amount of child support a parent pays needs to be changed. 

Changing existing court orders involves legal standards and requirements that often are different than the standards and requirements applied by the court in creating the initial order.   When modification is needed because of a parent's relocation in Indiana or to another state or country, the rules governing relocation and interstate custody disputes must be considered.

Lemieux Law understands the complex legal rules and has the skill necessary to analyze your unique circumstances and guide you on the right path for you and your children.  We work hard to reach agreements that work for you.  When agreement is not possible Lemieux Law provides you with strong and experienced advocacy to help protect you and the best interests of your children.  Contact Lemieux Law for more information on full service family law representation or to schedule an appointment. If you need more limited assistance while you primarily represent yourself in a modification matter Lemieux Law can help with limited scope representation.  Visit the link below for more information on these services.